Patient Care Transport, headed by a man named Raz Barr also uses Ross Barr, is a complete scam business.They are a medical transport company, they hire drivers to take patients to their doctors appointments.

They continually hire new drivers because their drivers quit because they aren't paid. They have over 150 drivers that have never been paid even once and over a hundred drivers that have only been paid once. I have worked for them almost 5 months and have never seen a single payment. Myself and other drivers are getting fed up.

This company is a sham, Raz Barr and Lior Klain are fraudsters. Do not have anything to do with this company or they will *** you.

Search the internet for them, you will not find a single good thing about them but you will find plenty of complaints about these cheats.Run from these scam artists as fast as you can.

Monetary Loss: $32055.

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West Haverstraw, New York, United States #699240

Don't worry folks.Ride Medical has come to New York/ New Jersey.

we are already in contact with the NYS Workers Comp Fraud Dept.

and the Bronx District Attorny's office. And the Bronx DA is in contact with the LA District Attorny's office. Will nail him. They know that he hides behind all his companies and sets up his LLC so he cant be touched.

There are many holes in his contracts with the wording and he will be stopped.

This is a pattern and thats how he will fall.The LLC he sets up will be his downfall.


These pieces of sh** started a new company Ride Medical aka RideMD (www.ridemd.com) they are ripping off drivers in New York (Queens, Bronx, Long Island, and New Jersey). The same guy he calls himself Rob now. :(

New Address:

21550 Oxnard St.

suite 480

Woodland Hills, CA


I drove for these crooks in Oct and still havent received 1 penny!!! All Drivers that have been ripped off lets unite to put this crook Ross in prison!!!

San Diego, California, United States #621949

Current and former drivers, search Facebook for "patient care transport drivers united' and request to join the group. Let's talk about our mutual experiences


This man Raz Barr is fraud!His office staff are very unorganized and getting them on the phone is extremely hard!

Raz will not even meet with any of his drivers in person, and getting him on the phone is like finding a needle in a hay stack!

And getting him to pay you, well when I see a check it will be like I found GOLD on the side walk!!!

Good luck with that! Getting paid is a joke. Will never happen. Even the patients that get picked up for transport talk about that.

I can't tell you how many patients in one week told me I will not get paid and to be very careful of this company because every driver that has picked them up has quite because of not being paid. Some I'm told worked for the company for months with out a check or information on the status of even one of the tickets they turned in! NOTHING!! Obviously I don't work there any more.

Just to much trouble with the office staff, understanding them is extremely hard as well as getting them to understand what you're explaining. They always and I mean always never get what it is you are explaining to them.

Raz Barr is going to find himself in deep water if he continues to run his business in this manor!!You need to start paying your drivers!!!

Toledo, Ohio, United States #593574

If you are the manager of the company then any comments you post should be a little more professional and in a business letter format.Instead, it is more like a continuous rant about the same issues over and over attacking certain individuals.

Very unprofessional. You should also consider having a native speaker correct your English before posting.

In addition, if you were as professional as your website designer then in my opinion you would not be posting at all trying to defend your good name.Try asking your happy employees to make posts instead.

to hmmmmm Chicago, Illinois, United States #598656

What do you know about professionalism Barr, hiring drivers in hotel lobby with liability insurance. That is your professionalism.What an ***.


ofcourse he would attack us personally since he is a faker and anonymous

and he knows all his comments and post is one big lie.

Again same group of drivers - who never really drive for us and opened a competing company.

and a driver who did 9 transports and violated his agreements and was terminated and just recently worked for us.

Vince Peatros who is a scammer and a liar who keep posting posts for bunch of lies with Sarkis Mambreian who stole from our company documents and clients and drivers.

No one scam anyone. and anyone who post lies and fabrications on our company and our ethical business will be taken to court. These comments and on a similar sited are headed by few individuals who opened a competing company called Alpha Care Transport . they work for a similar company and keep posting negative comments and lies to damage our reputation. We do not deceive anyone and as soon as we get a payment from insurance company with immediately release it to driver. what you read above all lies and fabrications. we clear in any interview and agreement that there is 30-45 delay as insurance release payment and some might take longer. no one deceive anyone. posts are are headed by Sarkis mamberian and Vince Peatros who liars and scammers. Sarkis Mamberian is working for competing small fly by night company called Alpah care transport and they have a few group of drivers /posters who try to damage our stellar reputation. so take anything...

This is the last time we will address scammers from Alpha Care Transport trying to defame our company or drivers who work for a competing company trying to defame our company. If you have a real complaint we will be happy to address even here if you reveal your real name so we can show everyone when you started and what transports you have done and status of your payments.

No scam and no BS.

We run a serious business and top clients nationally. So we won’t address any anonymous fake posts.

We never guarantee when payment will be made by insurance companies. Statistically they pay first check within 30-45 days and 3 out of 8 will be paid in that time frame.

We will be happy to show any agreement or Ad we post to hire drivers showing otherwise!

Also 3 out of 8 paid within 30-45 days. Some payments take longer than others.

This is no scam and we will pursue serious investigation even on these anonymous users who post here with Anonymous info defaming or company.

If you are a new driver that cannot wait till be paid by insurance company for transport - Please do not apply

We have many happy reliable drivers making great money with our company and working for us is not just a solid job opportunity but a very lucrative job opp.

This is the last time we address these baseless comments. We will pursue web investigation for whomever defame or company and

Post baseless comments and lies even if remain anonymous.

Just to show a little proof we real and no scamJ - see attached photo. 1 simple transport.

All Transports are paid. Again if you are a new driver face this baseless comments posted here. Do your due diligence before

Applying. This is the most lucrative opp in transports. Indeed, you do need to initially wait for payment as released by insurance companies.

If you are a driver starving for cash - or gas money - or unethical or have any flaw in your driving record or backgrounds - DO NOT APPLY.

We only hire selected drivers who have the right background and ethics who can become professional reliable drivers making great income!

Dear Lisa . Last Name??

Interesting all posts come from Anaheim CA..IP address...

Anyone who put baseless comments and lies and defame our company here or in any other site will be sued personally.

These posters are managed by Alpha care Transport and Sarkis Mambreian a liar, a scammer and thief.

Patient Care Transport is reliable honest employer for 100's of drivers at many US locations.

We will pursue even on this site anyone who defame and post complete fallacies and lies.

we get big payments for WC rides all over country on a DAILY bais and our drivers paid instantly we get a check for those.

The fake posts on here are headed by Sarkis Mambreian and Vince Peatros who are liars and violated they own agreements and terminated.

Mr. Mambreian is being sued for his illegal actions.

We run an honest ethical company and any driver hired knows the potential and the wait time we both wait till payments are received.

We can address any comments and show proofs and payments and happy drivers getting amazing payouts.

All these posts are headed by same small group of unethical individuals headed by Vince Peatros and Mambreian on this site and similar and full legal action will be taken against individuals .

We are happy to address and show full details- status of rides, payments for anyone who is really work for us - not fakers headed by these individuals.



Patient care Transport

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to patientcaremanager Urbana, Illinois, United States #598047

Ross Barr is scammer; he he said they have 100of happy drivers, why nobody posted a single good thing about the company. Ross Barr go back to school to improve your english before hiring people

Chicago, Illinois, United States #592141

Hi everyone

I saw this guy Ross Barr today for an interview, hoping that I am going to get a very good paid job by what it said on his add on Chicago craigslist.

I have experience in transportation industry, so when I saw the add it was like a dream come true :) when I saw how much this job is paid:

$6-$7 per mille

Wait Time: $25 Every 15 Minutes - Max Charge Wait Time: 3 Hours

Local arrival surcharge: $35

Pickup Charge: $45

Drop off Charge: $35

So... I schedule an interview, and guess what... The interview was taking place in a hotel lobby... now a real company that pays that kind of many for a transport in a 10 year beat up cars (people... a limo transport is cheaper than what they say they charge) you would think that they have office right, or had arranged something more professional right?

So all of that made me very suspicious, and I did online research and... well if u got here u all know what kind off scam he is...

I found so many holes in his story that was even funny

I mean come on man How would u transport people whit just liability insurance in your car, like an independent contractor, you should know better than that Mr. scam... there is an update for your next scam.... YOU NEED COMMERCIAL INSURANCE to transport people.

And you people who are transporting patients in your cars are doing that...

Another thing from the email I got from him:

"Please bring a personal check or cashiers check Payable to Patient care Transport for $475 to cover the cost of your hiring and for the certification process.(Mainly Workers Comp. Transport Insurance - Our company carries a big umbrella insurance policy for transporting patients and we need to insure each additional driver to our policy)."

Seriously :? Everybody who is in the transportation business as independent contractor would know the following:

1. Nobody charge hiring fee anywhere

2. If you need to be covered by work. compensation the company is taking it from your paycheck, there is no such thing as one time upfront fee (which is probably going into Mr. Scam personal bank account, because people who work for him havent even seen a check so far)

3. Work. comp is more than $100 Monthly


Now another thing I want to say:


It is obvious that this person screw up a lot of people, and there is a lot of negative reviews about that job... sorry correction ALL REVIEWS are negative,

so I am wondering why is he not behind bars so far.

In the place where I come from The great EX Yugoslavia, those people are hanging from a tree and in *** they sit on a pitchfork

My hart goes to the desperate working people, who are hoping to get a job for a better future, but with this one they sink deeper and deeper in debts.

So before taking a job Check their website, and online reviews, it can save your ***, and thanks to people that posted before me, couse it saved mine too, otherwise you will be doing free rides

And I almost forgot - their web site sell rides for $10 any distance, and they claim they have the lowest rates for the insurance companies, well they say the opposite to the drivers that are hiring

Another thing : read the contracts they want you to sign when they hire you, with those contracts they will put invisible handcuffs on you

And one last thing I want to say is that it is my first time posting a review, I just couldn`t take the un justice that is doing this so called company, it ignited the fire in me, and I Hope they burn in ***, for what they are doing to the poor people.

Take care now

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